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Yes? I’m so pleased you’re here because everything just got bigger and brighter. I now live and work online over at Fearless Creativepreneur so click to come on learn how to to create your own spiritual evolution for a life of abundance and joy.

clean fridge

Or, why you'd better keep your online essentials, clean. Busy, busy, busy. The fast furious pace of being an online entrepreneur is often exhilarating, exhausting, and overwhelming. And because most of us have so many to-dos and tasks to keep our writing and online presence going, it’s all too easy to ignore those personal online […] Read More


Note from Karen: I invited Al to write this post because as a writer (most specifically an online writer) it's vital to understand how to adapt your writing for  the growing mobile market as needed. Enjoy. guest post by Al Hanzal Mobile access is more than a smaller screen. With mobile access, people want to […] Read More


Humans who write are not like other people. I’m not talking about people who want to write, but don’t actually do it. I’m talking about people who actually write. People who make it a habit to sit down on a regular basis and face the fears that come with creating something, from nothing. And whether […] Read More


There are 3 important questions you can ask yourself to find out whether your writing is going to help you succeed - or fail. Tweet This. In a moment, we'll talk about what those questions are. But first, let's talk about the Internet, which is why these questions are important in the first place. The […] Read More


Psst, hey, you. Yes, YOU. Writer Person. You’re going to have to bend in close to hear this one because I’m not supposed to tell you what I’m about to tell you. And if you tell anyone you heard it here I’m obligated to hunt you down and pour coffee on your keyboard. Ready? You […] Read More