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Yes? I’m so pleased you’re here because everything just got bigger and brighter. I now live and work online over at Fearless Creativepreneur so click to come on learn how to to create your own spiritual evolution for a life of abundance and joy.


Useful Writing Tips and Trends to Skyrocket Your Writing Business I’m dubbing 2014 the year of the writer because opportunities have never been greater. Gather your writing peeps and tweet this! There were some hot fashion trends in 2013. From round eyeglass frames on girls to “Mad Men”-inspired side part haircuts on the guys, it […] Read More


Do you ever wonder what can make you a more successful freelance writer? I can think, and research, about that until my brain goes numb from overload. But maybe that’s just me. Certainly, as a professional writer for more than a decade, I’ve had ample opportunity to hone my writing skills, make money, and most […] Read More


What do you want to be when you grow up? It sounds like a simple question, right? Well, whether you’re age 10 or age 40, that question is likely to make you feel a little uneasy if you’re a Hyper Creative entrepreneur. In our society we equate mentally hopping from one passion to the next […] Read More


Should you work for someone else - or for yourself? The eternal question for writers and other online business folk. I get asked about this a lot. Some people have a dream of throwing something up online, working a few hours per week and watching their bank accounts grow. People want to know, how much […] Read More


Writers, do you know where your "B" spot is? Tweet This. We’re all looking for that ultimate big O. You know the one I’m talking about. You look hard to find the right person, the right partner, the right chemistry. The trick is in not coming across as desperate. Sometimes when you’ve looked long and […] Read More