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Writers: How to be Creative

You have to write, right?

Especially if you’re getting paid, or want to get paid, for your writing.

Whether it’s your website or blog, ebook or print book, social media or some other form of online writing you have to get it done.

Writing on a good day is an amazing experience. Exhilarating even.

And on a bad day with writer’s block and deadlines, when creative fears take over, it can be daunting, to say the least.

Does it really matter?

Why Today’s Writers Must be Creative to Succeed

It’s true.

You can’t just write and throw it out there to be successful because the simple fact it, a lot of people are doing that. Both writers and non writers. Content is great, but it’s not the end all be all anymore.

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So developing your creative side to keep it fresh and unique is more important than ever if you have any interest in creating writing that sells: be it books, blogs, or freelance writing for companies with websites.

But no worries!

Pumping up your creativity is not as hard as you think.

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Be More Creative by Busting Apart Your Excuses and Having Some Fun

Avoiding your creativity is not your fault. Really. Here’s why:

It’s kind of funny really. But sometimes our excuses are so well disguised we can’t even recognize them. Double check yours by reading this article.

If you by chance believe, or have discovered that you are using excuses to avoid being your most creative, then check out these cures.

Creativity, people say, is about getting yourself to think outside the box. But is it really?

Getting Unstuck When You Are Creatively Stuck

Getting creatively stuck often doesn’t mean you have too few ideas, but rather too many. Here’s two great resources to help you reduce the clamoring in your creative brain.

And because you deserve it, here’s a little lightness of being. These 2 articles are so fun you won’t even know you’re working to unstuck yourself!

You are only as successful as your creativity and there is truly no reason to let your creative juices dry up. These resources are only the beginning…

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