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Creativity Coaching

Do You Want to Turn Your Creative Passion into Your Business?

I’m the creator of ZenCopy and make a good living as an online writer and creativity facilitator. I’m involved with  copywriting, social media, online pr, blogging, and creativity education for gifted students.

The goal is simple – to help you develop the creative skills you need to get what you want.

My creativity coaching services include:

  • Enhancing and boosting your creativity skills so you are better able to get what you want
  • Goal setting and forming your creativity plan so you know where you’re going and how to get there
  • Fine tuning your blogging and other online skills so you can begin to build your tribe – one of the first steps in developing your resources when you want to turn  your passions into your business

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To learn more about my available content services visit KarenDaniels.com, my Online Content and Social Media Specialist Site