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Why the Words You Say to Yourself are More Important than those You Write


“When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt.” ~Honore de Balzac

Ah, being a writer. Nothing better. Right?

In fact, your writing days probably go something like this…

palm-trees2You set up your lounge chair or hammock under the gently swaying palm trees and pull out your state of the art laptop (since money is no longer a problem). The ambient air feels like a gentle caress against your inspired skin and the brilliance of your constantly flowing ideas astonishes even you. You send a quick note to your assistant who will then handle everything else in your day so you can remain peacefully writing. You smile as you type effortlessly. You know without giving it a second thought that what you are writing today is going to be yet another best seller.

And so it is.

Or maybe your day is just a skosh different. Perhaps you are not reclining under palm trees but maybe an oak.

Or there are no trees.

messy officeAnd no recliner. And just maybe your laptop is a 4 year old jalopy with a noisy fan that drives you crazy, because money is definitely a problem. And in fact, you’re not even outside at all but in your home office with piles of laundry and screaming kids coming in and out; or perhaps it’s just a disgruntled spouse who is standing in the doorway giving you the silent treatment. And you have yet to write anything for your blog that people even comment on, much less anything close to a best seller.

And as for an assistant, well, who needs one anyway. You’ve got it all handled.

The difference between how people view what a writer’s life must be like, and what is actually is like, is rather astounding. Even for us writers the disparity can be rather shocking.

But that is okay because guess what: You still write.

Despite the lack of idyllic circumstances you still get to create something, from nothing.

Pause and think about that for a moment: Something. From nothing.

Creation. Creativity. It’s a choice and a privilege.

But it’s easy to forget that as we get caught up in, well, everything.

So I’m asking you to take pause. Right now. For just a few minutes. I want you to bring your heart back to believing in yourself.

Why the Words You Say to Yourself Matter

We fall out of love with writing when we’ve been trashing ourselves and listening to the naysayers who want to block our writing path.

Why is it we spend so much time thinking of just the write words to put on our blog or in our book yet we spend no time at all on what we say to ourselves?

The difference between that idyllic version of a writer’s life and reality is no greater than the difference in the amount of time we spend writing for others compared to the amount of time we spend thinking about the words we tell ourselves.

On your blog you post 800 words of pure inspired life-altering words.

To yourself you say, “I suck.”

Hmm. Something is very wrong here.

So right this second vow to yourself that you will spend more time thinking about what you’re saying to yourself. You must, to break the habit of trashing yourself because if you don’t you’ll never get what you want and deserve. As a writer and person.

Because it comes down to this – if you don’t believe in you, why should the world?

So start now. Write for yourself, too.

Words you way to yourself matter -even more than those you write.

To help you get started here’s an interesting exercise:

1. Complete the sentence “I can’t….” Complete that sentence as many times on as many different topics as comes to your mind. On paper. For example:

  • I can’t write.
  • I can’t be a writer.
  • I can’t make money with my writing.

2. Now, whether you have 2 sentences or 200 go back and add one word to those. Yet.

  • I can’t make money with my writing yet.

3. Now, add an additional sentence to your initial ones:

  • I can’t make money with my writing yet. But I’m working on it and soon I’ll be able to.

You are a writer.

You understand the power of words. Words can move nations. We know this.

So I ask again, why are you paying less attention to the words you’re saying to yourself, than you are to the ones you write for other people?

Think about it.

About the author: Karen, zencopy creator, is a top 10 bestselling amazon author, creativity coach, and an online content specialist with a masters in psychology and passion for learning and teaching new topics.

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