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Are there Dead Things in Your Online Refrigerator that Need Dumping?

clean fridge

Or, why you’d better keep your online essentials, clean.

Busy, busy, busy. The fast furious pace of being an online entrepreneur is often exhilarating, exhausting, and overwhelming.

And because most of us have so many to-dos and tasks to keep our writing and online presence going, it’s all too easy to ignore those personal online essentials that make all the difference on whether we succeed of fail.

Regular purging of your personal online essentials which keep you on track, in your truth, and working toward those goals you really desire and that will make a difference in the world in only the way you can.

diirty fridgeAnd when you ignore those most important essentials because you’re too busy tasking, you end up with yes…

…an overloaded online refrigerator that has dead smelly things.


How to Clean Out Your 5 Personal Online Essentials

Online Essential 1: Knowing who you are

Though the Internet is a powerful, world-changing, potentially profitable medium, it can also be your own personal road to hell. Why? Because there is so much information out there and so many new things to try and do, before you know it you can spend weeks and months of your life – YOUR LIFE – doing something you don’t even care about.

Dump the dead stuff:

In your own mind or on paper review everything you’ve done online in the last week. Then go down that list and ask yourself, “is this something I even care about?” Does it help me be more of who I am and contribute to what I want to offer other people? If it does, keep doing it. If you don’t care about it and it does not really help you with your offer, stop doing it. Consider this revolutionary idea: if you doing Twitter just because everyone else is with no essential personal reason to do it, stop it – it’s dead to you so dump it.

Keep that task list to review for the next 4 essentials.

Online Essential 2: Remembering why you started something online in the first place

Do you remember back before you started your current online venture? What did you want to accomplish? What was the major passion that made you tick that you knew you just had to accomplish to change the world? Did you start building an online presence because you wanted to? Had to? Because you needed to keep your business competitive? Was it just for f-u-n?

Dump the dead stuff:

Go back in your head and conjure up why you started building up an online presence to begin with. If it was just for fun and now you’re taking it seriously for no good reason, stop. If it’s because you’re trying to get writing business or to make your business more competitive, then review your list from #1 and eliminate anything that is not important to why you are online.

Online Essential 3: Sticking with your current goal/s

Goals grow and change as we do. What was your goal when you began writing/working online? Did you already accomplish that goal and you’re still continuing to do the same thing which is now very outdated? Or, do you have the opposite problem; you change your goals so often you chase something new every day online so you hit none of your goals?

Dump the dead stuff:

It’s always a good idea to review your goals on a regular basis and to keep them updated and inline with where you are now and where you want to go. As you go over the list of online tasks you do on a regular basis, ask yourself, am I doing this for outdated reasons or it is in line with who I am now and what I want to accomplish with my life/work? If you are doing a task out of habit or for outdated goals, dump that task.

Online Essential 4: Allowing yourself to change

If you are not learning and growing, you are dying. As you spend time online are you such a creature of habit that your stuck with your old self so you’re become a shadow of who you really are?

Dump the dead stuff:

Have you built up something to a certain level so you are afraid to stop? Have you not allowed yourself and your tasks to stay updated with who you are and where you are – today? If you have tasks for yourself you set up from an earlier version of self and you’ve changed in ways that make them unproductive for the you of now, throw them away.

Online Essential 5: Staying true to you

The Internet is seductive in such a deep and profound way that it can get into your soul and alter your ethics and morals and anything else about you, if you let it.

Dump the dead stuff:

Everyone needs an occasional personal check in with themselves to make sure they are taking the high road. Have you found yourself getting cranky and lashing out? Do you spend online time whining about others? Are you doing/saying things online you wouldn’t do offline, in person? That’s your test. If you are doing something you wouldn’t do in person, dump the behavior.

If you have ignored any of your personal online essentials for a period of time there is no doubt you’ll have mold and blue glowie things that you need to dump.

So clean and purge because if you don’t that old stuff will contaminate all your fresh new stuff and stifle your growth.

clean fridgeThe best thing, of course, is to keep a close eye on your online fridge with regular task purging so you don’t waste time, energy, and find yourself off track.

And while you’re at it, that’s a good approach for you offline fridge, too.

About the author: Karen, zencopy creator, is a top 10 bestselling amazon author, creativity coach, and an online content specialist with a masters in psychology and passion for learning and teaching new topics.

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  • I love the analogy. Going to share this in my Workshop tonight. Thanks and my best to your career and the writer you help.

  • Sandra

    Of course the fridge at the bottom is a picture of the one in your own kitchen?

    I think I’ll just tackle the purge but maybe leave the clamato beside the watermelon…

  • Good article, Karen. This is a special challenge for writers. We created our “darlings” so it becomes very difficult to dump the dead stuff. Your ideas are insightful.
    Al Hanzal recently posted..Retail Mobile Marketing–We Are Not in Kansas Anymore!

    • Thanks, Al. You’re so right – dumping our “darlings” is really hard. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with stuff these days – digital and otherwise!

  • Nice article, and I agree…nobody likes when you can’t even get the pepper turkey cold cuts because they’re squished under a watermelon and a jug of Clamato!

    Clean out the fridge and clean out your life and get on with it!

    Keep em rockin’, K-Dance!

    • Ah, Clamato…haven’t had that for awhile! Thanks for your comments, Jim. As I wrote this article I realized I have some tasks to dump – easy to get that clutter build up.