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Free Online Marketing Toolbox by Dave Navarro


Here’s my weekly recommendation for awesome free stuff.

Dave Navarro, a.k.a. The Launch Coach, is giving away his online marketing toolbox – for free! His information is amazing and easy to use and you can download all his cool stuff now for free, or you can make a donation if you wish. He’s moving to other pastures.

I do suggest you go check it out – if you’d paid for all these marketing workshops it would have been close to $1600 so woohoo – grab them now.

You can get started now at this link: http://thelaunchcoach.com or I’ve broken down his online marketing tool box for you for easier perusal if you’re interested in something specific. Just click the titles to go to that section on Dave’s site. The descriptions of each marketing module are Dave’s.

Creating Products that Sell

From coming up with highly marketable ideas to creating the audio, video and text content that people want to buy, you’ll learn it all here. If you’re new, there’s step-by-step to get you started. If you’re a product-making veteran, there are advanced strategies to learn as well.

Building a Responsive List

You’ll be walked through how to create a online following that trusts you enough to buy from you repeatedly. This will step you through how to set up a list, get people hungry to get on it, and get them opening every email you send.  And when you’ve learned that, I’ll show you how to get them to click your “buy now” links when you’re ready to sell to them.

High-Conversion Sales Page

I‘ve had sales pages convert as high as 27%  (which is an incredible rate in this industry) and I’ll share techniques for writing better sales pages even if you have no experience at all. You don’t need to be a $10,000-a-page copywriter to sell effectively, and I’ll show you exactly why I can say – and prove – that to be true.

Mastering Your Sales Funnel

Every customer’s readiness to buy from you is different at different times, and if you want to make more sales it’s important to develop a number of offerings across the price spectrum. I’ll show you how to bring people into your “sales funnel” and make multiple sales to more customers, boosting your bottom line.

Optimizing Your Blog for Sales

If you’re not making it easy on customers to buy from your website, you’re missing out on a lot of sales. In fact, you need to make it more than easy – you need to guide visitors through specific paths that get them to become customers. I’ll show you intelligent ways to engage visitors more so that they’re eager to purchase what you’re selling.

Becoming Incredibly Productive

I built my 5-figure-a-month business while holding down a day job, driving a long commute, and raising three crazy little kids … and I had to ramp up my productivity to make it happen. Packing in all the things you need to do isn’t easy, but I’ll show you how to make it easier – and to accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

Becoming a Big Player in Your Niche

The more influence you can develop in your niche, the easier it will be to run large product launches, create lucrative joint ventures and get more of what you want in many other areas of your business. Influence building isn’t rocket science, but there’s a definite art to it. I’ll show you how to grow your stature quickly and effectively.

Getting Affiliates to Sell for You

A big percentage of my sales come from the promotional efforts of my affiliates, and I’d like to show you how to experience the same in your business. Attracting and managing affiliates isn’t as easy as some marketers would have you believe – it takes finesse and hard work – and I’ll show you how to use your time and effort most effectively.

So, that’s what Dave is sharing – I hope you’ll find something useful for you here!

We’ll miss you Dave.

I’d love to know if you download and use any of Dave’s stuff, what you liked, what worked well for you.
Or if you know of some awesome free stuff you’d love for me to recommend, let me know!

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