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When Good Words Go Oh So Very Wrong

Oh No!

Friday Writing Amusement

Words hold great power. As a blogger – writer you can choose to use words for good or evil. Just make sure that you write what you mean, and mean what you write. Which for goodness sakes, requires you to reread what you write before setting it free.

Oh No!

Here are some examples of writing that went a tad awry. All of these were originally reprinted in The New Yorker.

[Advertisement in the Cocoa (Fla.) Today] Lady wants ride to South Western Pennsylvania. Will more than share expenses.

Probably not what she meant.

[From the Los Angeles Times] “Much too frequently, the criminal escapes the scene of a crime because he manages to escape the visual capability of the responding officers,” said Monterey Park Police Chief….


[Photo caption in the Mobile (Ala.) Register] PET OF THE WEEK: Nannouk is a 10-week-old Spitz mix female and will grow to be medium sized. She does well inside. Sterilization is mandatory for anyone wanting to take her.


[Headline in the San Francisco Chronicle] FUTURE IS COMING, ACADEMICS PREDICT

Good to know.

[From the Salt Shaker, newsletter of the First Presbyterian Church of Hamilton, Mass.] The ladies of the church have cast off clothes of every kind and they can be seen in the church basement on Friday afternoons.


Good writing does not have to be fancy or hyped or overly clever or filled with buzzwords. It just needs to say what you actually meant for it to say.

Have some bad writing examples? Do tell, do tell!

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