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7 Inspirational Secrets for Super Successful Blogging

Shh, Secrets!

My personal summer break from blogging is coming an end and I wanted to kick off from those sumptuous summer barbeques and inspirational perfect hamburgers (or from those wondrous winter refreshments if you happen to be in a part of the world which isn’t   currently baking in heat) with some inspirational secrets for successful blogging.

Shh, Secrets!Some people would say that blogging is not rocket science. But this is the way I see it – yes, solid rocket science can keep people physically alive. But solid blogging science can keep people spiritually and emotionally alive.

For me the best blog posts are often simple and surprising – you know, those posts that you find yourself thinking about later, again and again. Honing your creativity is important, of course, as is good writing; and who can deny that key component of being willing to put yourself out there?

But there are also those blogging secrets, those little nuggets of creative wisdom that help successful bloggers get to the top and keep them there. What are the secrets that will keep you on the cutting edge of blogging creativity so your words can help others and at the same time get YOU where you want to go?

Blogging Secret 1

Acknowledge that you are indeed creative.

This includes rising to creative callings and challenges by not being afraid of experimenting with new processes and ideas. Just do it! Don’t let fears tell you that you are not creative. If you’re challenged by creative fear, use my free download to help you out.

Blogging Secret 2

Honor your inner inspiration guru.

Your inner inspiration guru is not a stodgy old geek sitting and waiting for creative enlightenment. S/he is a playful fun – already enlightened being– who sends you signals and ideas and thoughts. The more you pay attention to your guru, the more vocal s/he will be. Yeah!

Blogging Secret 3

Be courageous.

Readers look to the information you present to help them break through their own life barriers so it makes sense that you can’t be cowering in your creative corner. Be bold, take new paths and risk, stick with it and follow your heart.

Blogging Secret 4

Embrace your personal rhythm and cycles.

You can’t be all things to all readers all the time (if you can, please share your secrets with us!). Everything has its season – including you. This means you need to be patient with yourself and those occasional dark spaces that cloud yourself and interrupt communication with your inner inspiration guru. In other words, don’t beat yourself up when the blogging gets tough or your in the dreaded blogging bubble. Just stick with your plan and this too shall pass.

Blogging Secret 5

Don’t forget about you.

Running an active and successful blog can really take it out of you at times so actively work to keep yourself intact. Set boundaries for yourself, support boundaries in others, and keep yourself at the top of your priority list.

Blogging Secret 6

Find good guidance.

No one blogs in a vacuum – at least not successfully. You need to stay informed within your niche, read early and often and everything. It’s important to select those guiding voices (in your blogging niche or not) that feel right to you, offer information that you need and want, and can inspire you to reach beyond the you of now.

Blogging Secret 7

Embrace rejection.

Being rejected, don’t you love it! If not, you should. When readers lambast you that tells you that you’ve hit a cord. When your guest post isn’t accepted to the blog of your choice, it’s an opportunity to strengthen your belief in yourself, learn what you can, and grow. Rejection is always opportunity to be better, do better, or reaffirm your own vision and personal strength. Don’t let yourself get sidetracked from what you know to be true for yourself and your words.

Bonus Blogging Secret

And the most important blogging secret of all…

Only you have your voice. Only you know what you know. Only you can teach us in the way that you can. There is room for everyone’s voice and wisdom – not only is there room, we need everyone’s voice. The world is in a bit of a tailspin right now and with the wondrous opportunity that blogging and the Internet affords us, we can get all of our collective wisdom out there.

Would love to hear your successful blogging secrets – do share!

May you blog happy, blog wisely, and blog on.

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About the author: Karen, zencopy creator, is a top 10 bestselling amazon author, creativity coach, and an online content specialist with a masters in psychology and passion for learning and teaching new topics.

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