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Use this Secret to Become an Instant Expert and Boost Your Online Success


Becoming an authority on something and presenting yourself this way online is a great way to become more known, boost your blog traffic, get writing gigs, sell your work, and generally improve your chances for success.

Being an expert has to do with knowing what you’re talking about, and being able to express it well within your given medium, such as writing.

If you’re already an expert on physics, and have a blog on physics then you’re good to go on the authority thing.

But what if you need to improve your online presence or develop an expertise to write a series of important posts, or to create some articles for a specific client who is willing to pay you well for your efforts?

In other words, what if you need to become an instant expert?

Well, here’s the secret – you don’t have to be an expert – you just have to write like one.

Here’s how.

Make Life Easier

Aim to make life easier for your reader and for you. Don’t feel that when you’re tackling your task you have to write like the world’s leading authority on a particular topic. In fact, if you’re not, you shouldn’t. What your goal should be is to write in a fashion that is simple to understand and that makes your reader’s life easier with the information you provide. Don’t use topic or industry jargon; be an accessible expert. This puts you in a good position as the actually leading experts in your chosen topic are probably not quite as user-friendly.

Know Your End Goal

With the total amount of information available for you to peruse when you’re starting to learn the topic you need to write about, it’s important to know your end goal. Is it to teach the basics of physics? Or to fully explain thermodynamics?

Start with your end goal and back up from there so you don’t get lost in the sea of information. Knowing where you’re going keeps you on track, helps you ask the right questions, use the right keywords in searches, and find the right experts to gather information from. Keeping your end goal tight and concise prevents meandering when it comes to your actual writing. Meandering can be deadly to an online post or article

Teach What You Don’t Know

If you are not already an expert in the area you need to write about, believe it or not, this makes you a great person to write on the topic. Why? Because the research you’ll have to do to learn about the topic will tell you what your readers need to know. Sometimes an actual expert knows too much and the information is too ingrained and without even thinking about it they assume their audience has certain basics. You, however, can’t make these assumptions because you don’t even know all the basics. So as you do your research, takes notes on the particular things that help you gain understanding as you go along. Then make sure you use these points in your writing, clarify in ways that helped you gain understanding.

Revel in Your Lack of Opinion

Because you are relatively new to the topic you’re writing about, there’s a reasonable chance you haven’t formed a strong opinion about it, or taken sides. Which means you can have more capacity to present different sides of an issue in an unbiased way. This in turn gives the reader more chances to consider the angles you present and put them together in a way that works well for them.

Be Relatable

If the setting you’re writing for allows for personal injection into your writing (such as on your blog) don’t be afraid to share some of your struggles in learning the topic you’re presenting. This helps the reader relate more to you, and therefore relate more to the writing. And in fact, not only should you not be afraid to share your struggles, you should embrace it. We live in an age of transparency and readers appreciate honesty and relatability.

If you write enough about a particular topic, or many topics, watch out, you might just become a real expert and people will be quoting you. And that’s okay, too. Keep in mind that there will always be people out there who know more than you do about everything. But that doesn’t mean there’s not a place for your voice, your unique angle, and your passion for learning.

Your Bonus Resource for Becoming an Expert

If you find yourself in need of becoming an instant expert, or need something to boost your kid’s education, or you just love to learn, I highly recommend you check out The Khan Academy – one of the best educational resources on the web – awesome and FREE with over 2,100 videos and 100 self-paced exercises and assessments covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history.

Now, what can you teach us about today?


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About the author: Karen, zencopy creator, is a top 10 bestselling amazon author, creativity coach, and an online content specialist with a masters in psychology and passion for learning and teaching new topics.

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