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Summary of Seth Godin’s talk at LinkedOC

Seth Godin words

Seth Godin’s talk at LinkedOC on March 2, 2011

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Seth Godin words

Seth Godin’s new book “Poke the Box” has no words on the front cover. Why, you ask? “Because then when someone sees it on your desk they have to ask, ‘what is that?’”

Poke the Box is part of a Godin publishing movement where there is no middle man. For details check out the Domino Project on Amazon.

Seth GodinYes Seth is real. No, his head does not actually flip open.

Here is my interpretation of Seth’s main points:

We’re in the habit of doing what we did the day before. Businesses are very into this. And for a long time now we’ve been able to get ahead by doing a slightly better version of what’s been done before. Those days are gone because everything is so fast now that if it’s not something totally new, it’s obsolete the moment it’s out there.

These 6 personal elements are important

  1. be aware
  2. be educated
  3. be connected
  4. be consistent
  5. be an asset
  6. be productive

But what we really need is for you to LEAP across the chasm –

“A timid trapeze artist is a dead trapeze artist.” Godin

6 things you can bring to the table

  1. financial capital
  2. networking capital
  3. intellectual capital
  4. physical capital
  5. prestige capital
  6. instigation capital

But most importantly you need to bring the ability to say GO

Why we fear change

Long ago, think sabertooth tiger, when something changed it meant there was risk and risk could bring death.

Guess what, other than in Natural History museums there are no longer any sabertooth tigers.

But our primitive lizard brain (amygdala) remains and this is the real enemy – the source of that little voice that says “don’t do it, don’t leap, don’t stand out.” Our lizard brain feels best when we act like sheep because then it can remain safely quiet.

But to create your true art, when you have a fear – run straight toward it!

Our culture also trains us to be compliant and fearful. Education in school is about creating compliance. If you want to be innovative, and to raise innovative children, you need the real education to take place out of the school system.

Here’s a video on Seth Godin’s thoughts about Education:

“You can’t embrace innovation without embracing failure.”

Technology allows everyone to get their ideas out fast – you don’t need anyone to tell you it’s ok to put your ideas out there – you can just go for it.

Seth’s Talk Take away: It’s a new day, my friends. Everyone has a microphone, everyone can publish. You don’t have to wait to be picked and you don’t have to wait for someone to say “GO!”

About the author: Karen, zencopy creator, is a top 10 bestselling amazon author, creativity coach, and an online content specialist with a masters in psychology and passion for learning and teaching new topics.

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