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Create Your 10 Blog Commandments Now – Part 1


Part 1. The first 5 Commandments

Most blogs have a purpose – at least in the mind of the blog creator. And the more a blog fulfills that purpose, the more effective the posts will be, and the more important that blog will become.

As a blog writer you probably have your own set of rules, even if you’ve never articulated them. Articulating them can help you understand your purpose.

This 10 commandment exercise is designed to engage your creativity while you develop a solid set of guidelines to keep you – and your blog, on track.

Let’s begin with your first 5 Commandments.

1. What is the most important thing about your blog?

Preparatory Thinking: What is the one thing that you put above all else with your blog? To answer this question, think of it like this: if you had to put all your posts into one category, what would it be? Are you there to teach? To entertain? To engage? To share information? To enlighten?

Your Commandment 1

The essence of my blog is to___________________

2. Be yourself. Do not try to write in the likeness of another.

Preparatory Thinking: It’s easy to be jealous of a visibly successful blogger – to want your blog to be just like (fill in the blank with your blogging idol)’s blog. However, what we need is your voice, posts expressed in your way, from your passion. We don’t need another problogger blog, because, well, it already exists. We need your blog.

Your Commandment 2

When it comes to writing my particular genius is _________________________________ and I will use that genius to propel my posts.

3. Do not write in vain.

Preparatory Thinking: It’s easy to get lost in the world of your head and lose your way with what you’re presenting. Seek balance in personalization and openness. Now, pick a random previous post that you did awhile back. Does it flow well with the right blend of personal and general? What do you like and dislike? What could you improve upon? Now review a newer post? Do you like it more? Less? The same? Did you grow as a person or writer?

Your Commandment 3

I will seek to constantly improve my _____________________ and will look for ways to infuse more of me into ____________________________.

4. Remember to rest.

Preparatory Thinking: Are you a frantic blogger? Do you find yourself obsessing about the number of subscribers or depressed when a few readers drop off? Are you taking the time to rest, refresh, and recharge yourself?

Your Commandment 4

I promise myself that I will take a time of rest to replenish. I will do no blogging or blogging tasks on______________________.

5. Honor your writing and your words.

Preparatory Thinking: The act of writing comes from deep within and if you don’t respect your creative self, eventually you will suffer and feel as if you’re losing your passion. As you write, the words you choose matter. A lot. The particular words you select are a reflection of you. And so is the fun you’re having.

Your Commandment 5

Three words I am most passionate about today are ______, _____________, and ____________.

I will use those words willy-nilly in my next 3 posts just for the ridiculous fun of it.

Note: I developed this exercise because I felt I needed it for Zencopy. I initially  intended to put up all 10 commandments at once. But I found when I was doing this exercise I needed a breather so decided to build one in – to keep all you overachievers from cranking through these too fast. The next Zencopy post will be the next 5 commandments. I’d love to hear what your personal commandments are if you’re in the mood to share. I’ll share mine next week when I post part 2.

About the author: Karen, zencopy creator, is a top 10 bestselling amazon author, creativity coach, and an online content specialist with a masters in psychology and passion for learning and teaching new topics.

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  • The focus of your blog is awesome – and so needed! Myths, interesting though they may be can pull us down. And (speaking as someone who had her first child at 46) can really limit our potential. I’d love to hear your other commandments if you’d like to share.

  • This is such a thought-provoking exercise. I printed it out to conplete at my leisure. For commandment #1, I’d say the most important thing is about my blog is the message that growing older is much less bleak and dreary and much more positive than we’ve been led to believe. The myths of aging harm all of us, whatever our age. So I try to inform, inspire, and reassure (along with a bit of entertainment).

  • Thanks for this exercise. I did this myself and got a great result. I think I can use this post as future reference too. Eagerly waiting for the next post. God bless you always:)