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Catapult Your Writing with these 6 Questions

Live Consciously

Live ConsciouslyHow much time do you spend every day looking but not really seeing? Or hearing but not truly listening? We tend to do a great deal of our living in a totally unconscious fashion because we get into routines that put us on auto pilot. (this post is part of the Writers: How to Be Creative resource page)

When we live, or write, with the auto pilot switch on, we’re dampening the core of our creativity because being wholly creative involves all our senses, vivid memories, and the ability to really experience our experiences.

It doesn’t take a lot to take yourself off auto pilot and nudge yourself and your writing back into consciousness. You just have to think about it on occasion and use tools that can crack apart your routine.

The following list of questions are designed to crack apart your routine. They may appear deceptively easy to you. But, they are designed to make you think more consciously about yourself, your writing, and every word you choose.

6 Questions to Transform Your Writing:

1. When you close your eyes, what can you see more clearly?

2. If you were a mushroom, what would your belly feel like?

3. How would the room you are in be different, if you were not there?

4. Which do you prefer, a wink or a smile? Why?

5. If you could only use 20 words for the rest of your life, what words would they be?

6. If you knew you were going to die now and you only had time to leave one word on a piece of paper, what would the word be?

The process of going from thinking about things differently (question 1), to recognizing the potential true power of even a single word (question 6), requires conscious thought. One of the great things about this set of questions is that you can use them over and over because the answers will change with you, your mood, the day, the phase of your life.

Use these questions to crack apart your routine,  inspire conscious thought, kick-start your creativity, and bring a greater depth to your writing.

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About the author: Karen, zencopy creator, is a top 10 bestselling amazon author, creativity coach, and an online content specialist with a masters in psychology and passion for learning and teaching new topics.

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