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The “It’s Never Too Late” Problogger 7-Link Challenge


Jean Sarauer of Virgin Blogger Notes (an awesome place for bloggers), recently wrote her contribution to LinksProBlogger’s 7-Link Challenge, saying she was late to the party.

The way I see it, it’s always good to make an entrance and I suspect Jean is the type of woman who would catch attention when she walked into a room if her stellar blog posts are any indication.

In any case, I perused the post she enjoyed writing the most What my Father Taught Me About Blogging. It’s an awesome post with literary tidbits such as, “But the heart and soul of blogging–the character-building knowledge that lifts you up and carries you through the woods at night when the wolves are howling–now that’s a heck of a lot harder to come by.”

Jean’s post inspired by her father truly cuts to the basics of not only blogging, but life.

So, in an attempt to stumble behind Jean into the party, and knowing I have less cocktail time due to my late arrival, I’ll talk fast. Here are my 7 links for the problogger challenge.

1. My fist post, Seth Godin’s Book – “Linchpin”

This was the first post that I posted, and then kept posted. I love Seth. He packs incredible information into brief statements. If you are creative this book will absolutely inspire you and guide you. In fact, I recommend the book so highly, I have it on my Things I Love page.

2. The post I enjoyed writing the most, Everything You Need to Know About Writing Killer Headlines You Learned in Kindergarten

This is my to-date favorite post because it is not only useful to bloggers and other writers, it arose from the organics of life involving my children and they are the only aspects of my universe that I love more than writing.

3. My most helpful post

I’m stymied as this is a question my readers would need to answer but I’m rather fond of Why Alt Tags are Vital for Much More than SEO.

I think search engine optimization is important, but what sets this post apart is that it addresses making websites disability friendly – something few people even think about.

4. A post with a title that you are proud of, Bloggers – 3 Questions You Must Ask Before You Post

5. A post with a great discussion

This would have to be my guest post on Write to Done, Get Wild, How to Set Your Creative Beast Free

6. A post I wish more people had read,  25 Mind-bending Lists You Can Make to Generate Improvements in Your Creativity

To me, creativity is vital and I love the fun practical nature of this post.

7. A post on another blog I wish I’d written

A Lighter Side of Darkness, written by Aileen, on her blog Kaizen Vision. One of the reason I like this post so much is because I think people are so afraid of the darkness they shy away from what will make them strong. Read this post for inspiration and thought.

I love the how much the Internet has for all of us. There is never a shortage of awesome information.

Have you taken the 7 link challenge yet?

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About the author: Karen, zencopy creator, is a top 10 bestselling amazon author, creativity coach, and an online content specialist with a masters in psychology and passion for learning and teaching new topics.

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  • Aileen, mention is well deserved!

  • I love reading the 7 Link challenge posts because they guide me through the blog.

    I just realized I hadn’t read your first before now.

    The headline one is fantastic!! – the post on the ALT tags and the 3 Questions to ask before you post (I have those printed out) – actually I have a few of yours that I keep handy because they are so important!

    Thank you for mention of A Lighter Side of Darkness :)

  • Great job with the challenge! Better late to the party than never, aye?

  • Hi Karen,

    Saw your comment over at Virgin Blogger Notes and decided to pay a visit. I’m really glad I did. I enjoy your writing style and I’ve really enjoyed following your links.

    Get Me Some milk! — what a great way to illustrate your point! It’s something I will always remember.

    Thanks for sharing the links – and your thoughts.


  • Welcome back, Karen! I’m so glad you took the 7-Link Challenge. Thank you for your kind words – you sort of made me blush :) I love your ‘Mind Bending Lists’ post by the way. What a fun approach!