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Need Tips: How Do You Prioritize Your Own Business?


guest post by Sandra Ballard of Tangerine Marketing

Prioritize!Great…you got your website up and even a few blog articles. Now you turn your attention to running your own online business. Three months go by but, alas, your blog hasn’t really taken off and your email newsletter campaign is still way down on the bottom of the priority list.  

You’re only part way through setting up your Pay Per Click campaign so its not even live yet and you thought about SEO when you first set up the website but you’ve changed your content and not your tags.

It all seems neverending.

So how do you do it? How do you market your own company as fervently as you might market for a client?

As I finish up a strategy document for a prospective client, and think about all the stuff I need to do for current clients, I run through that list of To-Dos that should fill up my week.

So I’m left to ponder, when will I ever get to the marketing of my own online company?

I’ve tried lots of tricks to get myself to work as hard on my own company as I do on my clients such as telling myself I owe it to my business partner (whose hair is just as much on fire as mine. I even looked into outsourcing (but struggled with the fact it seems disengenious to have someone else market my marketing company).

I committed to my best friend (who showed me up by regularly getting her blog articles posted on, ahem, Zencopy). And of course I’ve told myself to maintain a “me first” attitude. That works for the first few hours until the clients start calling and the emails I have to respond to hit my inbox.

Yes, my start-up comany has a classic case of the plumber’s sink leaks, the gardener’s garden has weeds.

When Karen asked me to write a guest post for Zencopy I knew I was supposed to give some ideas to you, the readers. 

But, rather I find myself asking you for input, for your tricks and tips on an issue a lot of us face – with so much to do, how do you prioritize your own company and online tasks? 

So, I’d love to hear from you, to learn how you balance your tasks and handle it all.

photo by Jeffrey Beall

About the author: Karen, zencopy creator, is a top 10 bestselling amazon author, creativity coach, and an online content specialist with a masters in psychology and passion for learning and teaching new topics.

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  • Aileen,
    Outstanding points. It’s true, we can’t have everything be a priority, can we? I love your color coding idea. I’m going to use it.

  • What I love about this post is the honesty! ahhh, so refreshing. In a world where it often looks like others ‘got it going on’ and we don’t – the tension can just build up and burst.

    I don’t know that we can ever have complete balance, some things fall off of the priority list because other big things are screaming for attention. Full time jobs, family, side business – squeeze in household duties and dare think of exercise – it is overwhelming and it can be heart wrenching to feel like we are ‘failing’ or ‘not getting anywhere’ – here’s my 2 cents:

    It helps to have a spreadsheet or other google doc. to see our priorities – and share the document with our business partner

    It helps to color code the list and even have them break into smaller lists

    It helps to exhale and be okay when one tenth of what you wanted to accomplish actually got done.

    It helps know that it’s okay to take a tortoise speed. It helps to know that our mental and physical energy aren’t endless, but our self talk can push us beyond our threshold. – it’s okay if the bolg doesn’t take off in 3 months. It’s okay if you’ve changed the content and not the tags – it’s a work in progress. Pick a stride that works.

    I have physical lists galore – they are a great visual to see what I’ve crossed of, what’s been accomplished and what needs to be done. I re-arrange the priority and re-arrange based on whats realistic.

    Most of us can’t get all done – but we move forward – even if it’s little steps – and we find away to laugh at ourselves and admire those who run by us .

    that’s my 2 cents :)

  • Who was it who said, if you want to be rich, pay yourself first? I’m sure prioritizing the tasks that pertain to your own growth figure in there somewhere…